Fair of 8th September

The ancient annual Fair of 8th September is at the center of popular traditions. Exhibitions of goods and animals have attracted the populations of the nearby valleys and of Carinthia since the establishment (1342). For over 30 years, from 1st to 8th September, the Pro Loco has completed the fair with a lot of events, such as exhibitions and folkloristic and musical performances. At Passo Pramollo, on the first Sunday of August, takes place the Friuli-Carinthia Friendship Festival. It is well known both in Friuli and in the near Austria. In this occasion, for more than half a century now, traditions and customs create an atmosphere of sincere and palpitating friendship. Also to be remembered are the simple popular manifestations of folklore that have their roots in the most genuine local tradition such as the “spitz parkli” – of evident Austrian derivation, which on the anniversary of S. Nicolò wander with chains and cowbells through the streets and evocative alleys of Pontebba – and the traditional “Festa della Tàe” which is organized at the end of the Carnival in Pontafel and S. Leopoldo, followed by a parade of carnival floats and allegorical groups.

Other traditions still resist and pass on to us the culture and customs of Valcanale. An example is the Arturo Zardini Choral Folk Group, guardian of a precious musical heritage left us by the master, author and composer of popular music and of numerous Friulian villotte including the famous and suggestive Stelutis Alpinis.