Albergo Spina Pontebba


Pontebba, located on the Tarvisian mountain area is animportant center of the Valcanale, the last valley of Friuli-Venezia Giulia before the Austrian and Slovenian border. The border between Italy and Austria, until the First World War, passed through Pontebba: the ancient denominations of Venetian Pontebba, to indicate the Italian part and Pontafel to indicate the Carinthian part can still be read on the old maps.
The city center is rich of historical sites: the Town Hall, which was built in 1923 by the architect Provino Valle; The Parish Church of Santa Maria Maggiore has a wonderful wooden altar with doors, the Flügelaltar of 1517, with carved parts, painted with sacred and gilded scenes, and it’s considered the jewel of the Church and has been declared a national monument.

Ice skating lovers can have fun at the Palaghiaccio Claudio Vuerich, located right in the center of Pontebba!

Cross-country skiing enthusiasts have access to the AUPA track. The climbing wall at the Rio degli Uccelli and the children’s playground complete the sporting and recreational offer.

From Pontebba, you can go trekkingand discover enchanted mountain valleys.

In winter, the ski resorts of Tarvisiano and the Pramollo-Nassfeld ski area can be reached in a short time.